Our Top 5 Outback Destinations For Your Next Outback Trip

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Now’s as good a time as any to start planning your next outback trip. We’ve put together our top 5 outback destinations for your next outback holiday… in no particular order!

The falls at Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Par. One of our Top 5 outback destinations.
Indarri Falls at Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park.

Believe me, this wasn’t an easy choice. There’s so many amazing outback destinations to choose from.

Looking for ideas on places to visit along the way? Use our Interactive Map to help you plan your next outback trip.

1. Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park, QLD

Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park will blow you away. No matter which direction you come from, you’ll travel through hundreds of kilometres of dry savannah country.

Then Boodjamulla appears. And what a contrast!

A pristine waterway hemmed in by massive red rock gorges… all hidden behind a cloak of stunning pandanus palms.

This is a place you simply won’t want to leave. Explore the gorges from the water. Bring a kayak or canoe (or hire one there) and cruise along Lawn Hill Creek. There’s really no better way to appreciate the scale of those massive gorge walls.

Exploring the gorges of Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park from the water… the best way to explore this incredible place!
Note: This was filmed using a Go Pro Hero Black. Camera House have a large range of GoPro cameras and accessories.

Feeling hot? Have a swim in the pristine emerald green water.

Or if you’re feeling energetic, take one of five beautiful walks. They’re all quite different. If you have time, do them all! Our favourite (by a whisker) was watching the sunset from the top of Constance Range. Unbelievable, and so peaceful.

Go here to find out more about the wonders of Boodjamulla.

Vehicle: 4WD preferred, 2WD with care.

2. Judbarra / Gregory National Park, NT

Judbarra / Gregory National Park is absolutely massive. It covers a huge area of the Northern Territory’s north-west, from the Victoria River in the North down to the cattle country near Wave Hill Station in the south.

If you’re looking for remote outback travel, then this is the place to go!

A taste of Judbarra / Gregory National Park. Magic scenery!
Note: This was filmed using a Go Pro Hero Black. Camera House have a large range of GoPro cameras and accessories.

We explored the southern tracks of Judbarra… over 270km of rough, rock-strewn tracks, savage jump-ups and unbelievable Top End scenery.

This is remote travel, so be well prepared. If you love isolation and camping by yourselves, this adventure ticks all the boxes.

Find out more about the southern tracks of Judbarra / Gregory National Park here.

Vehicle: 4WD only.

3. Flinders Ranges, SA

You could easily spend 6 months exploring the Flinders Ranges and still not cover it all. There’s so much to see.

From the Southern Flinders Ranges around Mambray Creek in Mt Remarkable National Park to the Northern Flinders… Arkaroola, Wilpena Pound and Chambers Gorge to name just a few.

Chambers Gorge from the air.
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Towns like Quorn, Hawker, Parachilna and Blinman are worth spending time exploring too. They’re friendly places and a good base to explore the local area.

The Flinders Ranges keep drawing you back. There’s so much to see and do. Plus they’re a great introduction to the Australian outback, and you can reach some of the more popular places in a standard car.

Like most places though, the best sights are along the roughest roads. So a 4WD will let you explore much more of the Flinders Ranges.

Spend a bit of time in the Flinders. I guarantee you’ll go back time and again!

Vehicle: 4WD preferred. 2WD with care, depending on your planned destination. 

4. Corner Country, NSW

Aaah the Corner Country! Where do I start?

One of the popular drives is The Cut Line from Bourke through Wanaaring and onto Tibooburra. This is a brilliant drive, rough at times but a perfect introduction to the outback.

If you’re planning an outback road trip to the Corner Country, then add The Cut Line to your list.

Another option is to follow the Dingo Fence from Silverton, up the western side of the Barrier Ranges to Milparinka.

The top corner of NSW is covered by the massive Sturt National Park. There’s plenty of roads and tracks to explore over this vast National Park, both east, west and north of Tibooburra.

One of our favourite places in Sturt National Park is Lake Pinaroo. This ephemeral lake only fills after massive rain events and is a RAMSAR listed wetland.

You can camp in Fort Grey Campground and walk across the dry lake on a marked track to Charles Sturt’s camp. Or if the lake’s full, grab a kayak and go for a paddle across the lake.

Fort Grey Campground is home to one of three fantastic wire sculptures. There’s the Quokka at Fort Grey, a giant Bandicoot on the road to Cameron Corner (stop there and check out the Wild Deserts’ Viewing Platform on top of a sand dune) and finally, a bilby at Cameron Corner.

While you’re in the Corner Country, make time to visit Innamincka. We were lucky enough to see Cooper Creek in flood two years in a row, a rare event.

We put together a whole lot of different ways you can travel between Tibooburra and Innamincka. Each trip is an experience, leading you through some beautiful outback landscapes.

The dunes west of Cameron Corner.
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Make sure you stop in at Cameron Corner, where you get to stand in 3 states at once!

Another great stopover is Milparinka, once a gold mining town south of Tibooburra. Some of the stone buildings have been carefully restored, including the beautiful old pub.

Just north-west of Milparinka is Depot Glen, where Charles Sturt and his crew were stranded for 6 months due to lack of water and extreme heat.

We’ve just scratched the surface here. Add Broken Hill, Mutawintji National Park, Packsaddle and White Cliffs to your list, plus a whole lot more.

Vehicle: 4WD preferred. 2WD with care, depending on your planned destination.

5. Northern Goldfields, WA

If you’re looking for something different, take a historic journey of exploration through the goldfields of Western Australia.

A 1,000km+ loop north of Kalgoorlie takes you through the northern goldfields. Kalgoorie-Boulder Visitors Centre have an excellent guidebook to what they call the Golden Quest Discovery Trail.

On the Golden Quest Discovery Trail in the WA goldfields. One of our Top 5 outback destinations.
Sunset at Rowles Lagoon on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail.

The guidebook leads you through back roads to some of the most isolated places imaginable. Get a feel for the hardships the early gold miners endured.

Some found their fortune, but many more perished in this quest for the elusive golden metal.

Find out more about the Golden Quest Discovery Trail here.

Vehicle: 4WD preferred. 2WD with care.

In Summary

These 5 outback destinations will give you a taste of the outback. Just make sure you read our articles before heading off, as a few of these trips are remote and require careful preparation beforehand.

Camped in Judbarra / Gregory National Park, one of our Top 5 outback destinations.
Camped in Judbarra / Gregory National Park. Love those colours!

Whatever you choose, make the journey a part of your destination. Need help? Use our Interactive Map to help you plan your next outback road trip.

And most of all, have a great trip!

Need a bit of help preparing for your trip? Check out our series on Survival and Safety in the Outback for a stack of tips and things to consider as you prepare.

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