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Hi, we’re Andrew and Peta, a couple who love discovering those places off the beaten track.

We’re roaming Australia full-time. Roaming and writing. Adding to a long list of places you can explore, reviewing equipment and just generally hanging out in our truck-based camper.

Our aim is to fill your minds with information. We want to share our expert knowledge and experiences, so you can plan your own outback adventure.

Off the beaten track with Top Wire Traveller.

How Can We Help You?

Outback and Regional Destinations:

If we find a place you might like, we’ll write about it. You’ll find stacks of information on Outback and Regional Destinations here.

Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll discover:

Off the beaten track with Top Wire Traveller.

The list is endless… and growing every week!

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Reviews and Articles:

If you’re wondering

then this section is for you. Expert advice on the best products… and the occasional dud.

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Living In A Truck-Based Camper:

Our set-up is unusual, unique even. Find out:

  • What we travel in,
  • What mods we’ve done,
  • Why they may be useful for you… even if your set-up is more conventional, and
  • Learn why we travel in an expedition vehicle and expert advice on what to consider before you go down this path.

Off the beaten track with Top Wire Traveller.


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Off-Road Racing:

We both have a slightly unhealthy addiction to off-road racing. This is our adrenaline fix.

Off the beaten track with Top Wire Traveller.

And it has some unexpected benefits. It’s a great excuse to get out and about… and a perfect way to see more of this amazing country! Hail storms in Alice Springs? Hmmm..

Off the beaten track with Top Wire Traveller.

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