Isuzu NPS 75/155 – Did You Change All 4 Shock Absorbers or Just The Front?

Guy and Regine H. – Australia


We have a NPS 75/155 expedition warrior from All Terrain Warriors. Did you change the four shock absorbers to improve comfort or only the front ones? And what tyre pressures do you use on rough corrugations?


We changed all four shock absorbers. The original Powerdowns simply weren’t up to the job. We changed to Bilsteins, but have now fitted King Shocks. After changing to King Shocks, we realised the Bilsteins were too harsh.

As we’ve moved up in quality (and price), the ride has improved dramatically.

After a few years of messing around with different pressures, I’ve settled on Rear = 55psi and Front = 40psi on rough roads. This seems to work best for us, with our weights of Rear = 3.8T, Front = 2.8T.

If the road’s really rough, I’ll drop them another 5psi all around.

Start somewhere around these numbers and see what works best for you. The best tyre pressures for your set-up depends heavily on what weight your carrying over the axles. For more information on tyre pressures, go to our tyre pressure guide for light trucks.

Just make sure to your speed down at these low pressures. Don’t go over 80km/h or they can easily overheat.

Hope this helps.



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