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Can You Please Provide Details of the Wedgetail Camper Brace Pole Added Over the Doorway Awning?

QUESTION: Can you please provide photos of the Wedgetail Camper brace pole you added over the doorway awning, with close-ups of the connections both ends?

What Are The Legal Axle Weights For An Isuzu NPS 75-155?

QUESTION: We’re thinking of buying a dual cab Isuzu NPS 75-155, similar to yours. What are the maximum legal axle weights for this vehicle?

Is There Anything Available on the Market that Measures Headwind?

 QUESTION: Is there anything available on the market that measures headwind? I would be interested in a device that would involve a sensor being mounted on the vehicle grille or bull bar and send a reading via blue tooth to a display in the vehicle. Headwind is so significant that some of my friends stop and wait for it to pass due to its adverse affect on fuel consumption.

How Far Apart Are Fuel Stops On The Nullarbor?

 QUESTION: We haven’t done much travelling yet, but are keen to travel across the Nullarbor from New South Wales to SW Western Australia. We are towing a caravan and our fuel consumption can get as high as 23 litres/100km in a strong headwind. It’s about 15 l/100km normally, towing our van. Our vehicle only has a 65 litre fuel tank, but we carry 20 litres of diesel in jerry cans. How far apart are fuel stops on the Nullarbor??

Why don’t you have a drop-down fridge slide on the Wedgetail Camper?

QUESTION: The fridge seems to be really high on the Wedgetail Camper. Why don’t you have a drop-down fridge slide?

How much is comprehensive insurance for the truck? | Isuzu NPS+Wedgetail Camper

QUESTION: Please forgive the directness of this question but can you let me know, in ‘ballpark’ figures, how much comprehensive insurance is for your truck?

Have you modified the air cleaner housing to stop water ingress?

QUESTION: I noticed you have done some river crossings that were above your air cleaner housing. Have you modified the housing to stop water ingress?