What Are The Legal Axle Weights On An Isuzu NPS 75-155 Dual Cab?

Dave, Bendigo Vic

What are the legal axle weights for an Isuzu NPS 75-155?


I’m thinking of buying an Isuzu NPS 75-155 dual cab like yours. I can’t find any information on the maximum allowable weights over the front and back axles. Do you know what the legal weights are? And do you know what your truck’s axle weights are when it’s loaded?


You can find the maximum allowable weights by checking the manufacturer’s specification sheets. For example, the Isuzu NPS 75-155 Specifications list them under the “Axles” heading.

The front axle capacity is 3,100kg and the rear is 6,600kg. GVM is of course 7,500kg.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a single cab or a dual cab. Axle capacities are the same for both.

Our weights when fully loaded including fuel, water and passengers are:

  • Front axle = 2,780kg
  • Rear axle 3,800kg
  • Total = 6,580kg

Dual cabs are generally pretty heavy over the front axle, for obvious reasons. We’ve pretty happy with how the weight is distributed in our truck. Its slight “nose up” appearance in the photo above isn’t due to the load being too far back.

Rather, we had new heavier parabolic springs fitted at the front. So these tend to lift the front up more than usual.

Hope this helps!



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6 thoughts on “What Are The Legal Axle Weights On An Isuzu NPS 75-155?”

  1. Hi
    To be honest your article is informative . I search many site to know about The Legal Axle Weights On An Isuzu NPS 75-155 but I didn’t get the information I needed.
    I saw your site and I read it. I got some new information from here. It is beneficial for many more like me.
    Thanks for share your kind information.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    What are parabolic springs? Are they better than the originals. Do they give a softer ride when the truck is unladen?
    Do you only have them on the front and can they be put on the back?
    Are they expensive? Do you have to change anything else like brake hoses, shockers etc?
    Cheers, Dave

    • Hi Dave,

      Parabolic springs have a tapered profile. They are thicker in the middle and taper to the ends. Broadly speaking, they give a softer ride when the truck is unladen when compared to OEM tapered leaf spring packs. Although this of course depends on what parabolic springs and shock absorbers are fitted.

      We have parabolic springs front and back. Some people only fit them at the front.

      Yes, they’re expensive! But then again, most things on these trucks are expensive. Regarding changing other components, it depends more on whether you want to go to bigger diameter wheels. Bigger wheels mean new brake hoses, etc. And you can pretty well guarantee you’ll need to change shock absorbers if you fit parabolics.

      Sorry if the answer’s a bit vague. However, there’s so many possible wheel/spring/shock/etc combinations that it’s a bit difficult to give you a simple answer. And it depends on what you want to achieve e.g. better ride, more ground clearance and so on.

      Cheers, Andrew

  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for the great info you provide, been very helpful to me setting up our new truck ( nps 75/155 dual cab ) Cheers, Robert


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