Kayaking the Extraordinary Lawn Hill Creek, Boodjamulla National Park QLD

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If you’re looking for a magical experience, kayaking Lawn Hill Creek at Boodjamulla National Park is guaranteed to fit the bill.

You can go on some amazing walks with mind-blowing scenery, you can swim or laze in the delightful water… or you can go kayaking. Lawn Hill Creek is simply stunning.

And the best way to appreciate the scale of the enormous red cliffs is from the water.

Approaching Lower Gorge. Kayaking Lawn Hill Creek.
Approaching Lower Gorge from downstream.

Exploring the Gorges

You can hire canoes or launch your own canoe or kayak. We of course chose to use our own kayak. As soon as you’re on the water, you’re in a different world.

The water is unbelievably clear. All sorts of fish call this place home. From the tiniest tiddlers to catfish, barramundi… plus lots of cute turtles blowing bubbles. Even freshwater crocodiles live here, although their numbers have been decimated by the dreaded cane toads.

You can choose to scoot up the centre of the creek or hug one of the banks and take your time. Watch out for the occasional submerged tree branch. They’re easy to spot in the clear water.

Pandanus palms and Livistonia palms hug the banks, forming a stark contrast to the backdrop of red cliffs and arid rocky ranges.

Cruising along the creek. Kayaking Lawn Hill Creek.
Cruising along Lawn Hill Creek.

Determined trees are lodged into cracks in the vertical walls of Duwadarri gorge, their roots winding down the cliff faces in search of water. Some of the smarter birds use cracks and crevices to make their nests, safely protected from land-borne predators.

The middle gorge continues until you reach Indarri Falls. The water in Lawn Hill Creek is rich with calcium carbonate. As it flows over rocks, the calcium carbonate clings to rocks and obstructions, forming a skin. Over time, this skin (called tufa) builds on itself.

Indarri Falls. Kayaking Lawn Hill Creek.
Indarri Falls.

Indarri Falls is primarily composed of tufa (pronounced tyoohfah). This is extremely fragile, so obviously you’re not allowed to climb on the falls.

Waterlilies and Seclusion

At Indarri Falls, you can drag your kayak out of the water and carry it around. Then you enter the magical world of the Upper Gorge. Believe me, it’s worth the effort.

If you get up early, you’ll have this incredibly beautiful place all to yourself. Waterlilies, stunning scenery and the enormous walls of Upper Gorge overwhelm your senses. Upper Gorge is so peaceful, especially from the water.

Upper Gorge. Kayaking Lawn Hill Creek.
Upper Gorge is even better than Middle Gorge.

The hardest part about this place is dragging yourself away from it. You simply won’t want to leave.

Note: This was filmed using a Go Pro Hero Black. Camera House have a large range of GoPro cameras and accessories.

Words of Caution

The best time to be on the water is early morning or late afternoon. We were there in winter, yet daytime temperatures were in the low 30’s.

Don’t rely on the waters of Lawn Hill Creek for your drinking water. The high levels of calcium carbonate will simply make you incredibly thirsty. Protect yourself from the sun with light clothing. Try to minimise the use of sunscreen, as it contaminates this pristine environment.

Most of all though, take your time and soak in the atmosphere. Without a doubt, kayaking Lawn Hill Creek is the best way to appreciate the incredible beauty of this place.

Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park is on Waanyi Country.

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