5 Amazing Walks In Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla)

Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla) is famous for its incredibly beautiful emerald green waters and lush vegetation. Don’t forget the walks though. Each is special in its own way.

East or West?

The five walks are organised into East or West walks. Each walk is unique, with each giving a different perspective of Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).

Map of Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla). Source: Queensland Government.
Map of Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla). Source: Queensland Government.

1. Upper Gorge Walk

This incorporates Indarri Falls, the Upper Gorge lookout and Duwadarri lookout. We did the entire loop, however you can choose to do as much or as little as you choose.

Since the day was going to be hot, we started early. We walked the track clockwise. Why? Well if you go this direction, you’ll be quite exposed as you follow a gully West, slowly climbing into the low ranges. So this is best done early in the morning.

Upper Gorge Walk, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Remnants of ancient rugged ranges on the Upper Gorge Walk.

Now this isn’t an easy trek. However, once you reach Upper Gorge lookout it’s worth every step. Sit at the lookout and gaze down at Lawn Hill Creek making its way through the imposing red-walled gorges. A breathtaking panorama.

Upper Gorge, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Spectacular view from Upper Gorge Lookout.

When you manage to drag yourself away from the lookout, drop down into a gully and follow the track to the water’s edge. You’ll be right in under the lookout. Turtles and fish provide plenty of entertainment here.

Upper Gorge, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Upper Gorge. Perfection!

Then the track follows the creek bank down to Indarri Falls. It squeezes in between the creek and the gorge walls, taking you on a magical meander through thick stands of palms and the ever-present Pandanus palms. You could be a million miles away from everything here, it’s so peaceful.

Upper Gorge Walk, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Following the creek down to Indarri Falls.

You’ll emerge at Indarri Falls. You might see paddlers carrying their kayak or canoe around the Falls, so they can continue to Upper Gorge.

Indarri Falls, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Indarri Falls.

From here the track climbs up out of the gorge and is quite exposed for most of the walk back to the campground. On the way, you climb up to Duwadarri lookout. This is a difficult climb and descent on the other side, but well worth the spectacular vista.

Duwadarri Lookout, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Yet another amazing view, this time from Duwadarri Lookout.

Once you drop down off Duwadarri lookout, you’re on the home stretch. Head towards Lawn Hill Creek and have a well-deserved swim to cool off.

2. Wild Dog Dreaming

On this walk, you’ll get to walk amongst the cool trees near the creek and follow a cliff around to Aboriginal art sites. Respect the wishes of the Waanyi people by not photographing the rock art.

Wild Dog Dreaming Walk, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
The Wild Dog Dreaming Walk.

The track then leads you to Lawn Hill Creek below the Lower Gorge. Sit here for a while and be patient. You might just see a freshwater crocodile.

3. The Cascades

This is a short, easy walk which leads you around to a beautiful spot on Lawn Hill Creek. Keep an eye out for turtles in amongst the tufa formations.

The Cascades, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
The Cascades. Keep an eye out for the turtles.

4. Island Stack

So you’ve walked Wild Dog Dreaming and the Cascades, vaguely chasing a cliff face as you’ve walked. Now it’s time to climb this cliff!

Island Stack is a challenge. Leaving the Cascades walk, the track heads pretty well straight up the cliff. Do this walk early morning or late afternoon, otherwise you’ll cook.

Lawn Hill Creek actually splits and flows around either side of Island Stack. So this is truly an island.

Once on top, you’re in another world. The arid, rocky plateau is spectacular when lit up by early morning or late afternoon sunshine. A walk around the perimeter reveals some magical scenery.

You can gaze down into Lower Gorge. Just be careful, it’s a long fall.

Lower Gorge, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
It’s a long way down from the top of Island Stack.

However, the highlight is at the Eastern end. You’re directly above the rock art you saw on the Wild Dog Dreaming walk. Just sit there for a while and take it in. Lawn Hill Creek disappears into the distance across a huge plain, another rugged gorge sits across the creek to your left, hazy mountain ranges take vague form way in the distance and Lawn Hill Creek wraps around you on both sides.

Just like the Wild Dog Dreaming walk, respect the wishes of the Waanyi people by not taking photos here. This really is a spiritual place, especially with the late afternoon sun turning the rocky plateau a deep red colour.

On top of Island Stack, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Late afternoon colours on top of Island Stack.

5. Constance Range

Like Island Stack, this walk is best done early morning or late afternoon. The walk starts by following Lawn Hill Creek. Keep an eye out for freshwater crocodiles in the creek. We saw one lounging on a log.

Too soon, the track veers right to climb the side of Constance Range. This is a fairly difficult climb.

Constance Range, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
Looking West from Constance range just after sunset.

Once on top, there’s a short loop walk… and sensational scenery in all directions. Stay there until the sun sets behind the gorges of Lawn Hill Creek and watch the colours change as the sun goes down.

Constance Range, Lawn Hill National Park (Boodjamulla).
The setting sun lights up the distant plains.

In Summary

You can choose one walk or do all five. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Every walk is simply stunning, with the red rock gorges contrasting with the lush vegetation along Lawn Hill Creek.

Boodjamulla is incredibly beautiful. Take your time along the walks and let this place seep into your veins. I guarantee you won’t want to leave.

Boodjamulla National Park is on Waanyi Country.

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