Review: Mango Curry Chicken From Campers Pantry – Easy Camping Food

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We were looking for some easy camping food to prepare and cook on the road. So we bought a selection of camp food dinners from Campers Pantry.

This time, we taste-test Mango Curry Chicken… and loads of rice.

Mango Curry Chicken from Campers Pantry. Easy camping food.
Mango Curry Chicken from Campers Pantry.

A Leap Into The Unknown

This was our first ever foray into freeze-dried camping food. We had heard it was bland and fairly tasteless. However we kept an open mind. For some reason, we decided (okay, I decided) that rice would go well with Mango Curry Chicken. Normally it would.

However this one already came with pasta. Regardless, I was determined to have rice with it. So we grabbed a packet of Mango Curry Chicken and a packet of rice.


Preparing this food is ridiculously easy. Boil water, open each packet, add the required amount of boiled water, wait a little while, pour into a bowl and eat. Easy!

And there’s no mess because you’re preparing each dinner in the packet in which it was supplied.

One watch-out. The dinners are single serve, but the rice serves 4. Again, I mindlessly ignored this and cooked all of the rice…

Campers Pantry rice. Easy camping food.
Just keep in mind, this packet serves 4. I chose to ignore this…

Once ready, we served out two equal portions and mixed the Mango Chicken Curry through the rice. At this point, I realised Peta may have actually been correct when she said we had way too much rice.

So how did it taste?

The Taste Test

Well, even though we had too much rice it was really good, surprisingly good. Sure the rice diluted the flavour more than we’d have liked. But this was my fault.

Rice and Mango Curry Chicken from Campers Pantry. Easy camping food.
The final result. A really easy and enjoyable dinner, despite the lashings of rice!

The rice definitely tastes different to the rice you’ll normally cook. However the Mango Curry Chicken tasted great. Not like freshly cooked mango curry chicken of course. However it had way more flavour than we were expecting.

Lessons Learnt

So what did we learn from this?

  • Don’t drown the main meal in rice. You’d think I would have learnt this one years ago…
  • Even though the Mango Curry Chicken is a single serve, it could easily be bulked up with fresh veggies. For us this is easy, as we’re just looking for easy camping food after a long day driving. We’re not carrying all our provisions in a hiking pack.
  • To bulk it up, I’d suggest maybe adding ¼ tin of diced mango, a diced chilli or chilli powder and a handful of veggies. The veggies could be peas, beans, carrot, tomatoes, broccoli, anything really.
  • The Mango Curry Chicken has to sit for 20 minutes after you add the boiling water. So you could add the fresh veggies before adding the boiling water and let the boiling water soften them.
  • And lastly, listen to your wife. She really does know a thing or two about cooking!

Would We Eat It Again?

Yes, definitely. Next time I’d leave the rice alone and go with the fresh veggies and diced mango. This would require a little more preparation, but the outcome would be worth the effort.

Next time we try Vegetarian Pasta.

If you can’t find Campers Pantry products in your local camping store, you can always order them through Tentworld here.

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