Review: Vegetarian Pasta From Campers Pantry – An Easy Camp Meal

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We were looking for some easy camp meals to prepare and cook on the road. So we bought a selection of camp food dinners from Campers Pantry.

This time, we taste-test Vegetarian Pasta.

Vegetarian Pasta from Campers Pantry.
Campers Pantry dinners are perfect after a long day.


Like all Campers Pantry dinners, Vegetarian Pasta is easy to prepare:

  1. Boil some water,
  2. Open the packet,
  3. Add the required amount of boiled water,
  4. Wait a little while,
  5. Pour into a bowl and eat.

The Lazy Way To Prepare…

We had a few fresh vegetables in our fridge, Lebanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes and carrots.

So we decided to add these to our Vegetarian Pasta. Then we sprinkled a healthy dose of ground chilli to spice it up a bit.

We added ground chilli, tomatoes, Lebanese cucumber and carrots to Campers Pantry Vegetarian Pasta.
The ingredients we added.

After adding water to the packet, you let it sit for 20 minutes. So we added the fresh vegetables after 10 minutes to let them soften.

The Slightly Less Lazy Way To Prepare

These Campers Pantry meals are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to prepare. We generally break them out when we’ve had a huge day driving.

We did a massive day crawling over the rough Broadarrow Track in Judbarra / Gregory National Park, NT. So we broke out the Vegetarian Pasta and cooked a few veggies, as you’ll see in the video below.

So rather than adding raw veggies to the packet halfway through, we cooked the veggies separately and combined them when everything was cooked.

And we couldn’t resist taking a shot of our Campers Pantry dinner in its natural environment. Love those termite mounds!

Vegetarian Pasta from Campers Pantry in front of a termite mound in Judbarra / Gragory National Park, NT.
The late afternoon colours of the NT Top End.

So what’s the verdict regarding taste?

The Taste Test

So far, this is our favourite. It has a delicious flavour, with just the right amount of pasta.

The end result was delicious. Vegetarian Pasta from Campers Pantry.
The end result… yum!

Of course, the extra chopped veggies we added plus the ground chilli added flavour and texture. However, we both agreed this dinner would still taste great without the “extras” we added.

Lessons Learnt

So what did we learn from this?

  • Like all Campers Pantry dinners, Vegetarian Pasta is a single serve. We bulked it up with fresh veggies and there was plenty for both of us.
  • By adding the fresh veggies at the 10 minute mark, they softened quite a bit. If you like really soft veggies, then you probably should cook them before adding.
  • You can bulk it up with fresh veggies as we did. Or add tinned veggies, although you would probably need to heat the tinned veggies first. 

Would We Eat It Again?

Most certainly! Vegetarian Pasta tastes great. It stands alone as a single serve dinner, can be bulked up with more vegetables without losing any taste or could be a really tasty base for a meat dish.

Next time we try Beef Teriyaki.

If you can’t find Campers Pantry products in your local camping store, you can always order them through Tentworld here.

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