Review: Beef Teriyaki From Campers Pantry – Easy Camping / Hiking Food

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We were looking for some easy camp meals to prepare and cook on the road. So we bought a selection of camp food dinners from Campers Pantry.

This time, we taste-test Beef Teriyaki.


Like all Campers Pantry dinners, Beef Teriyaki is easy to prepare:

  1. Boil some water,
  2. Open the packet,
  3. Add the required amount of boiled water,
  4. Wait a little while,
  5. Pour into a bowl and eat.

We added a couple of tomatoes and some chopped carrots to bulk it up a bit. This fed both of us quite easily.

Beef Teriyaki from Campers Pantry. Camping and hiking food.
We added carrots and 2 tomatoes.

After adding water to the packet, you let it sit for 20 minutes. So we added the fresh vegetables after 10 minutes to let them soften.

So how did it taste?

The Taste Test

Beef Teriyaki didn’t really do it for us. Neither of us liked the flavour much. And the texture was a bit strange. The meat chunks were almost hard, like they hadn’t absorbed the water properly.

Now this could have been our fault. Remember we added tomatoes and carrots after 10 minutes. This has the effect of cooling down the contents. So it’s likely the meat didn’t absorb the water properly due to us interfering with the process.

And the flavour? Well, this is entirely a personal thing. We didn’t particularly enjoy the flavour. However you might love it.

Lessons Learnt

So what did we learn from this?

  • Like all Campers Pantry dinners, Beef Teriyaki is a single serve. We bulked it up with tomatoes and carrots, and there was plenty for both of us.
  • We added the tomatoes and carrots after 10 minutes. We’re probably better off cooking them and combining them at the end. This would allow the Beef Teriyaki to cook as it is meant to be cooked. 

Would We Eat It Again?

Probably not. We didn’t enjoy the flavour much. Having said this, it would make a good base. You could add lots of veggies and some spices.

Beef Teriyaki from Campers Pantry, ready to eat. Camping and hiking food.
Not our favourite Campers Pantry dinner. We didn’t really like the flavour or texture, although this could have been caused by the way we cooked it.

Most importantly though, we would allow it to cook for 20 minutes without adding a pile of cold veggies halfway through. We would follow the cooking instructions to the letter…

Give it a go, don’t let us put you off. It’s still a convenient camping or hiking food, full of nutrients and quality ingredients. You might love the flavour!

Next time we try Tuna Mornay.

If you can’t find Campers Pantry products in your local camping store, you can always order them through Tentworld here.

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