Wedgetail Camper Video – A Walk-Through Of Our Home!

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“When are you going to do a Wedgetail Camper Video? You know, a walk-through so we can see what it’s like?”

I wish I had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked this question!

Anyway, we’ve finally done something about it. We open doors, go inside, back outside, around the back… all over the Wedgetail Camper.

We also did a walk-around video on our Isuzu NPS truck, which you can find here.

Our Home

We’re on the road full-time, living in our truck camper. So the Wedgetail Camper is our permanent home. We chose the Wedgie because of its build quality and it had everything we needed. And we bought the slide-on camper new from Wedgetail Campers in Newcastle, NSW. It has proven to be a good buy.

A view from the rear of our Wedgetail Camper when set up.
A view from the rear of our Wedgetail Camper when set up.

It’s been pounded over some rough roads like the Finke Track for example, possibly the worst “road” we’ve ever been on. Yes a latch sheared off, but many lesser campers would have fallen to pieces.

The camper is a slide-on. We can unbolt it from the truck and drive out from under it. This takes about an hour and is fairly easy to do. However, we rarely take it off. We’ve found it much easier to simply pack it down and take it with us.

Having a coffee break while we decide the best way to move a fallen branch of a track.
Any excuse to stop and have a coffee!

This is not a review as such. It’s more a quick look around. We’ll do a more comprehensive review at some stage and let you know of any issues we’ve had. Suffice to say, we’re really happy with our Wedgetail Camper and wouldn’t hesitate to buy one again.

You’ll find plenty of detail in this video. But if you have any further questions, please ask us in the Comments section below.


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8 thoughts on “Wedgetail Camper Video – A Walk-Through Of Our Home!”

  1. Hi Andrew, as I have a Wedgetail on order I am just interested to know which latch sheared on the Finke Track? Also is the horizontal pole visible in the video at the very beginning and at minute 8.30 extending from under the bed area to the entry way cover a self edition? I’m guessing you felt the need for a brace to the existing entry area pole.
    Great vid

    • Hi Tony. It was one of the latches holding the top lid closed, the front one.

      I wouldn’t be too worried. That track was insanely rough and we were trapped doing 20km/h or less for over 2 hours straight… couldn’t get up any speed at all. I’m surprised the whole setup didn’t disintegrate, including us!!

      I added the horizontal pole. It stops the end panel over the steps from pushing in (towards the front of the Wedgie) when the wind is behind it. We were worried the wind would eventually damage the existing support or snap off the plastic lug that holds the support pole to the body.

      Regards, Andrew

  2. Andrew
    Wedgetail owner for 15 months. Can you provide photographs of the brace pole for the doorway awning that you added. Save recreating the wheel. Some close ups of the system for connecting at either end. Enjoy following your adventures .

    • Thanks John! It handles bad weather really well. We’ve been camped in heavy rain, and there was only one time when a couple of seams started dripping after hours of a continual tropical downpour.
      As for wind, it has copped some savage winds (over 100km/h) from all directions with no issues at all. The only weak point was the awning over the steps. That’s why we added the extra brace pole. Cheers, Andrew

      • Hi mate. Great set up and thanks for the videos. What model Wedgetail do you have and what’s the approximate costing to purchase one? Many thanks and enjoy your travels.

        • Hi David,

          No worries! Ours is equivalent to the Wedgetail 22. Pricing is a bit tricky, as they’ve changed a bit since we bought ours and it depends on the options you choose.

          The best way to get more accurate pricing is to contact them via the the Wedgetail Campers website.

          Hope this helps!

          Cheers, Andrew


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