Wedgetail 22 slide-on camper mounted on the back of an Isuzu NPS light truck.

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4×4 Truck Camper Walkaround Video – Our Isuzu NPS With Wedgetail Camper

We’ve had lots of requests for a walkaround video of our 4×4 truck camper… our Isuzu NPS with a Wedgetail Camper.

Our 4x4 truck camper, set up on the side of Bulloo Downs Road QLD.
Our home!

So now we’ve finally put something together for you!

In this video, we concentrate mainly on the truck. If you’re looking for a Wedgetail Camper video walk-through, then go here.

Our Home

Keep in mind, we live in our truck camper full-time. So storage space was a high priority for us. That’s the main reason we chose a dual cab. Same with the storage boxes on the tray. They’re full of the things we decided we needed… spare parts, a tub full of maps, snokelling gear, tubs of food and so on.

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The truck was built by All Terrain Warriors in QLD. They did pretty well all the mods you’ll see in the video, including the tray. We added:

  • UHF,
  • light bar,
  • a drawer system in the the back seats,
  • second battery system,
  • lighting in the storage boxes and the cab,
  • shelves in the storage boxes,
  • marine carpet plus neoprene to the floor in the back,
  • and  all the extra electrical items in the cab.

And of course we bought the slide-on camper from Wedgetail Campers in Newcastle, NSW.

There’s plenty of detail in this video. But if you want more information on something specific, have a look here first. You’ll probably find what you need in one of these articles. If not, ask us in the Comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “4×4 Truck Camper Walkaround Video | Isuzu NPS And Wedgetail Camper”

  1. Hi! And thank you for your lovely put-together articles. I am in “training” towards retirement and educating myself. You have helped! 🙂
    Can you please give me an indication of the annual registration for the ISUZU NPS 75-155 4×4 as a slide-on motor-home? Just to give me an indication. Cheers. Wim

    • Hi Wim, Thanks and pleased to know we’ve helped your training! Our annual rego is much higher because the truck is registered in our business name. So I can’t really give you a figure for private rego, sorry. Give the roads department a call in your state, they should be able to give you an indication. Cheers, Andrew


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