Muscle Pain, Bites, Stings, Blocked Nose? Try Rowo Herbal Sports Gel

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My wife Peta was a mad-keen squash player. And like most squash players, she had her share of injuries. One of her squash mates introduced Peta to the mystical powers of Rowo Herbal Sports Gel, after she had damaged yet another muscle group. Squash is hard on the body…

Rowo Herbal Sports Gel is available in various sizes.
Rowo Herbal Sports Gel is available in various tube sizes. You can buy it here.

Sceptical at first, Peta gave it a go. She wasn’t expecting much relief. After all, she had tried and discarded all of the deep heat-type gels over the years. None of them really worked.

But this stuff was great!

Giving It A Go

With Peta continuing to batter her body from head to toe on the squash court, I began to hear more about this sports gel and how good it was.

After enduring a painful sinus headache for a day (one of those where you think your eyes are going to pop out of your skull), Peta convinced me to give it a try. So I massaged it into my neck and waited…

It actually worked! After a while the congestion disappeared and I decided I was going to survive after all.

Then Peta started using it for stings and bites. She is a mozzie magnet, one of the worst I’ve ever seen. They appear from nowhere to attack her, bringing all their mozzie mates and having a feast. She tried the sports gel on the mozzie bites and within a minute the irritation was gone.

Perhaps more importantly, Peta’s bites didn’t recur after a few days like they used to.

Same goes for bee stings, ant bites and the like. This stuff is actually really good!

After a couple of months, we were both using it on sore knees and elbows, stings and bites… we were addicted.

Spreading Our Wings

Inspired by the results we had achieved thus far, we decided to try it on other ailments.

I have a bad habit of burning myself whether I get a chance. Campfires, hot billies of tea, picking up hot frying pans bare-handed. I’ll admit, I’m not real clever sometimes.

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Surprisingly, the herbal sports gel provided instant relief. And the best thing is, it seems to make the burn heal far quicker than normal. What would normally be painful for days now heals in half the time.

So we use it for just about every muscular ailment. And a smear under the nose clears blocked noses and sinus passages.

What’s In It?

No idea really. To quote Rowo’s website, “ROWO Herbal Sports Gel is made in Germany from high quality natural herbs including Peppermint oil, arnica, chamomile, echinacea and witch hazel”. That’s all I know.

We use Rowo Herbal Sports Gel for muscle pain, bites and stings.
We keep some in reserve when we’re travelling.

The peppermint oil gives it a pleasant aroma, unlike the strong chemical smell of many alternatives.

In Summary

We’ve been mighty impressed with this product. It’s a natural herbal product that’s far more effective than the alternatives.

We now carry half a dozen tubes of Rowo gel and use it regularly on all of our muscular ailments while we’re on the road.

You can buy Rowo Sports Gel here. (Note: We’re not affiliated with Rowo in any way).

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