Mungo National Park to Renmark – Three States in One Day!

Note: What follows are our ramblings from the first time we visited Renmark. We’ve been back several times now, it’s a good spot!

Leaving Mungo National Park, we headed towards Mildura. Mildura is nestled on the Murray River, the border of New South Wales and Victoria. It’s a thriving city with wide streets and neat, manicured streetscapes.

Victoria South Australian border
Into South Australia.

En route to Mildura we crossed Lake Arumpo, one of the dry lakes in the ancient Willandra Lakes chain. It was a huge expanse – would have been spectacular when filled with water.

We had breakfast in New South Wales (Mungo National Park), morning tea in Victoria (at a park on the Murray River at Mildura) and lunch in South Australia (a rest stop at the border). The kids were most impressed!

We drove through Renmark to a campsite on Lake Bonney. With bad weather coming, we decided it was too exposed. So we settled for the Big 4 in Renmark instead. Heaven on earth – hot showers, camp kitchen and lots of green grass!

Murray River Renmark South Australia
The mighty Murray River
Camping Renmark South Australia
Campsite at Big 4 Renmark

School’s In

To Charlie, Renmark meant Next G reception, Facebook, MSN and email – connection with their world again! This was tempered by the reality of schooling in the form of distance education. We took over the camp kitchen with a suitcase full of books, computers and a printer. The kids weren’t too sure about their new teacher though. She was old-school and strict!

Distance Education Renmark South Australia
Charlie studying hard
Distance Education Renmark South Australia
Ben disrupting the class again…

Beautiful Renmark

Renmark was a delightful place. The town centre had a big park along the Murray River and flower beds everywhere. It has a good feel, the people were friendly and the atmosphere relaxed.

The Big 4 caravan park we stayed in was East of the town and was nestled on the banks of the Murray River. It really was a enjoyable stay.

Ducklings Renmark South Australia Murray River
Our neighbours dropped in to say g’day!
Pelican Murray River Renmark South Australia
A pelican coming in for another smooth landing.
Big 4 Caravan Park Renmark South Australia
Very civilised riverside camping.
Black Swans Murray River Renmark South Australia
Beautiful black swans cruising down the Murray River.
Renmark South Australia Murray River
The end of another perfect day.

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  1. Tell the kids we know what its like to have an old school head mistress! Hope you are having a good day. Think of you all every day. Hope you haven't heard any foxes yet…


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