Kayaking On The Dawson River Near Moura, QLD

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We were wandering around Queensland checking out a few out-of-the-way places, when we came upon the Dawson River. After three separate encounters with the Dawson River, we discovered a place perfect for kayaking.

We were just East of Moura. There’s a large rest area just off the Dawson Highway, as the highway crosses Dawson River. While we normally avoid these places, the opportunity to stay a night and launch our kayak was irresistible.

Tree graveyard. Kayaking On The Dawson River.
A tree graveyard along the banks of the river.

Now when you’re in the area, it seems like just about everything is named after this mysterious Dawson person. Who is he or she?

Mystery Solved

The answer is quite simple. Robert Dawson was one of the people who bankrolled Ludwig Leichhardt’s expedition into these lands.

He must have contributed a fair whack of the finances because Leichhardt named the Dawson River and the Dawson Range after him. Then whoever named the Dawson Highway must have either run out of ideas or lacked imagination.

Mystery solved!

Back to kayaking.

A Leisurely Paddle

After a few long days travelling back roads, we were itching to launch our inflatable kayak and go for a peaceful paddle.

It turns out this is actually a weir, providing water for Moura and surrounding cropping ventures. We enjoyed cruising the calm waters, with crows providing a noisy backing track.

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Kayaking is an excellent way to exercise your weary muscles. It turns out we both felt rather lazy, so we just wandered up the river checking out the tree graveyard along the banks.

And a bonus is the concrete boat ramp. When you’re feeling lazy, a boat ramp makes for easy entry and exit from the water.

Boat ramp. Kayaking On The Dawson River.
We were spoilt! This boat ramp made for easy entry and exit.

So if you’re in the area, keep this location in mind. It’s not challenging at all. In fact this is the perfect spot for a quiet paddle on a beautiful Queensland day.

Dawson River at Moura rest area is on Gangulu and Wadjigu Country.

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