Fuel Stops Across The Nullarbor – Interactive Map

Where To Refuel On Your Nullarbor Crossing

Due to popular demand, we’ve compiled an Interactive Map of fuel stops across the Nullarbor… a complete list of Eyre Highway fuel stops!

This remote crossing from east to west across the bottom of Australia is a must-do journey. Many people are apprehensive about whether they’ll run out of fuel somewhere along the vast expanses of the Nullarbor.

And fair enough too. It’s a long way from one end of the Nullarbor to the other.

The good news is, there’s plenty of places to re-fuel. The Eyre Highway is a vital east-west link. So you needn’t be concerned… although food tends to be in short supply. But that’s another story.

Interactive Map

How To Use

Screenshot showing how to use our interactive map of fuel stops across the Nullarbor.

Simply click on one of the red fuel icons to see how far to the next fuel (to both the east and west) along the Eyre Highway.

Fuel Stops – The Complete List

If you don’t want to use the map, here’s the complete list of fuel stops. It includes distances to the next fuel in both directions.


Next fuel:
West = 47km (Penong)


Next fuel:
West – 85km (Nundroo)
East – 47km (Ceduna)


Next fuel:
West – 51km (Yalata)
East – 85km (Penong)


Next fuel:
West – 92km (Nullarbor Roadhouse)
East – 51km (Nundroo)

Nullarbor Roadhouse

Next fuel:
West – 184km (Border Village)
East – 92km (Yalata)

Border Village Roadhouse

Next fuel:
West – 13km (Eucla)
East – 184km (Nullarbor Roadhouse)


Next fuel:
West – 66km (Mundrabilla Roadhouse)
East – 13km (Border Village)

Mundrabilla Roadhouse

Next fuel:
West – 116km (Madura)
East – 66km (Eucla)

Madura Shell Service

Next fuel:
West – 91km (Cocklebiddy)
East – 116km (Mundrabilla)

Cocklebiddy Roadhouse

Next fuel:
West – 83km (Caiguna)
East – 91km (Madura)

Caiguna Roadhouse

Next fuel:
West – 164km (Balladonia)
East – 83km (Cocklebiddy)

Balladonia BP Truckstop

Next fuel:
West – 190km (Norseman)
East – 164km (Caiguna)


Next fuel:
East – 190km (Balladonia)

Enjoy your Nullarbor crossing. There’s so much to see along the way. And spare a thought for Edward John Eyre and his companion Wylie, who walked from Fowlers Bay to Albany in 1842. It’s a long walk!

Would you like to know a whole lot more about what you can see across the Nullarbor? Well, we’ve put together a series of articles about driving across the Nullarbor Plain.

Have a great trip!

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4 thoughts on “Fuel Stops Across The Nullarbor – Interactive Map”

  1. Good Morning,
    I’m going to travel from Melbourne to Geraldton WA in my car. My car is dedicated gas only.
    Could you please help me to find out if the service stations on the way all have gas, to fill my car with please.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Sandy,

      That sounds like a fun trip! The best thing to do is give each of the service stations a call and see if they have gas a few days before you leave. This way, you’ll have the most up-to-date information.

      Cheers, Andrew

  2. Just on a similar vein to the LPG availability, I have a Tow vehicle wanting to tow a medium caravan from Melbourne to Perth. It is a Petrol SUV which requires 95 Octane or higher. I had some problems obtaining anything but 91 Octane in a previous trip thru Bourke and Lighting Ridge N.S.W. The SUV has an extra tank bring the tot al capacity up to 175 ltrs. This gives a towing range of approx. 850 klms. I can use a 60/40 mix of 98 and 91 as a backup if 95 is not available as long as 98 is. Is there any better way other than phoning each service station ???


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