Review: Creamed Rice Pudding With Apple From Campers Pantry – Yuuum!

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We’re working our way through the wide selection of camp food dinners from Campers Pantry. We decided it was high time we checked out their dessert offerings.

This time, we taste-test Creamed Rice Pudding With Apple.

Creamed Rice Pudding With Apple from Campers Pantry.
Our Creamed Rice Pudding basking in the late afternoon sun.


Like all Campers Pantry dinners, Creamed Rice Pudding is simple to prepare:

  1. Boil water,
  2. Open packet,
  3. Add boiled water,
  4. Wait,
  5. Pour into bowl and eat.

So how did it taste?

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The Taste Test

You know when you eat something delicious then get to the end? You gaze down longingly into your bowl, hoping you missed some… then despair when no more magically appears. And you just have to lick the bowl!

Well, this best describes Campers Pantry’s Creamed Rice Pudding.

Our Campers Pantry Creamed Rice Pudding, ready to eat!
Yum! Next time we’ll have one each, rather than sharing it…

It has a sweet taste, but not too sweet. It’s creamy with slices of stewed apples… and they taste like stewed apple too.

This dessert was quite simply unbelievably, deliciously tasty. It was one of the best desserts we’ve ever had. Put it this way. I’m not normally a big fan of dessert, but I could have happily eaten three of these at once!

Lessons Learnt

The only thing we learnt this time was to eat it more slowly, to prolong the pleasure of eating it!

Would We Eat It Again?

By now, you’ve probably figured our answer is a resounding Yes. Not surprisingly, we both gave the Creamed Rice full marks in our Taste Rating.

In fact we both agreed it’s more like 6/5.

Can’t wait to taste-test the other desserts from Campers Pantry!

Next time we try Balti Vegetable Curry.

If you can’t find Campers Pantry products in your local camping store, you can always order them through Tentworld here.

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