Walks In Main Range National Park – Dalrymple Circuit

An Easy Walk From Manna Gum Campground

If you’re camping at the Goomburra section of Main Range National Park, choose a few walks to go on. There are six in total. Three start from Manna Gum campground and the other three are within easy driving distance along Lookout Road. The Dalrymple Circuit is an easy 1.2km loop walk, suitable for most people.

Map of the Goomburra section, Main Range National Park.
Walks in Main Range National Park. (Source: Queensland Government)

An Easy Introduction

The Dalrymple Circuit is an easy introduction to the wonders of Main Range National Park. Starting at the eastern end of Manna Gum campground, this track drops down to Dalrymple Creek, following it for a while. Then it swings right up a hill and eventually deposits you back where you started.

The Dalrymple Circuit walk is an easy walk from Manna Gum campground.
An easy walk.

It’s an easy walk if you’re a bit older or have young kids. In the space of only 1.2 km you’ll get a glimpse into the magnificent rainforests in this area as well as the drier eucalypt forests.

Interpretive signs add to the experience, dotted here and there along the track to give a better idea of what you’re walking through.

The standout feature for us was the enormous stump of a 500 year old gum tree, cut down when this area was used for logging. Once we saw this, we began to see dozens of other stumps. Clearly this was a productive area for the loggers.

Masters Of The Forest

Unfortunately you won’t see any huge trees here now. They’re all gone. But there are still some seriously big trees in the bush here, with their enormous white trunks reaching towards the sun. These trees grow so straight and clean. It’s easy to see why they were in such demand for timber.

These trees give Manna Gum campground its name.
Enormous gums competing with the surrounding rainforest.
A huge log cut many years ago and left behind. Dalrymple Circuit, Manna Gum Campground
This huge log was cut then left behind. I wonder why?

Even on this short walk you’ll see many different types of trees. And of course, these majestic masters of the forest are an ideal sanctuary for all types of birds. The bush is constantly filled with dozens of different bird calls, all trying to outdo each other.

Under the trees, rainforest flourishes… particularly along the creek. Dense rainforest gives off that particular rich decomposing smell, aaahhh!

Dalrymple Creek

The creek itself is a pristine stream flowing down a magnificent rainforest gully. The rich black basalt soil and the shiny black rock makes this a special place. If you look closely you might see tadpoles taking it easy in the pools.

Dalrymple Creek near Manna Gum campground.
Dalrymple Creek was down to a trickle on the surface.

The water is perfectly clear and a delight to taste. The water level was particularly low, with most of the creek flowing under the surface among the river stones. However, we just enjoyed sitting there and watching the endless flow of water over the rocks.

In Summary

Dalrymple Circuit is an easy walk, suitable for most. Be aware you’re walking on bush tracks, so there’s the occasional tree root and one creek crossing. Other than this, the grade is easy.

This lizard is well camouflaged. Dalrymple Circuit, Manna Gum Campground.
This lizard is perfectly camouflaged!

If you’re after for an introduction to Main Range National Park, this walk fits the bill.

Main Range National Park is on Barunggam and Bundjalung Country.

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