Is There Anything Available on the Market that Measures Headwind?

Peter, Albion Park


Is there anything available on the market that measures headwind?

I would be interested in a device that would involve a sensor being mounted on the vehicle grille or bull bar and send a reading via blue tooth to a display in the vehicle.

Headwind is so significant that some of my friends stop and wait for it to pass due to its adverse affect on fuel consumption.


An interesting question Peter. I haven’t heard of anything commercially available for vehicles.

Aircraft use various devices to measure airspeed. However, I can’t find anything equivalent for vehicles.

I did find a forum on the Tesla page relating to this. Someone had developed an app to guesstimate wind speed using current weather information from the weather bureau. This combined with the vehicle’s location, direction and ground speed gave them a reasonable estimate.

They had a link to the app, but it no longer works. This would probably be the best approach, however I couldn’t find any other apps that do this.

If any of you know more about this topic, then by all means add your comments below. I’m curious too!



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