Why don’t you have a drop-down fridge slide on the Wedgetail Camper?


The fridge seems to be really high on the Wedgetail Camper. Why don’t you have a drop-down fridge slide?


You’re correct, the fridge is quite high. There’s a good reason for this.

In the above video, it shows the fridge when it’s pulled out, accessible from the outside. When you put the fridge away, you push it in then swing it around 90 degrees. So it then sits neatly in the space, securely locked in.

Once in this position, you can then access the fridge from the inside of the Wedgetail Camper. In the following video, I show you how we access the fridge from the inside (at around 1 minute in the video).

To achieve this, the people at Wedgetail Campers built their own fridge slide. They had to, as it needs to rotate 90 degrees. Further, with the fridge fully extended in the “outside” position, there’s a lot of weight hanging off the fridge slide. So the slide is heavy duty.

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Yes, it may be possible to fit a sideways drop-down fridge slide. However, I don’t think there’d be enough headroom for the handle to fit over the fridge. And access to the kitchen would be restricted.

It’s really not an issue for us. We simply carry a few adjustable-height steps like these. They are perfect for uneven ground, as all four legs are individually adjustable. With three of these (two for the kitchen area and one under the stairs), we can easily reach everything in the kitchen.

We use 3 adjustable steps for the outside, 2 for kitchen/fridge & 1 for the stairs. Fridge slide.
We use three adjustable steps for the outside. two are for the kitchen/fridge and one is for the stairs.

Hope this helps!



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