Lake Argyle Cruises – A Sunset Swim In The Lake

Last time we took in the sights around Lake Argyle and caught up with our mate Len. This time we go for a cruise on the lake with Lake Argyle Cruises.

An Exciting Surprise

Len had spoken his mate Greg (a tour operator) and organised a Sunset Magic Cruise for the four of us, with Lake Argyle Cruises. What a gentleman!

So Bertha The Bus duly arrived at the campground to shuttle us down to the lake. Bertha is an old government bus from Sydney, living out her twilight years at Lake Argyle. Maybe she’s the bus equivalent of a grey nomad…

Bertha the bus, Lake Argyle Cruises.
Bertha The Bus. She’s semi-retired and taking it easy now.

Once you get on the lake, you realise just how enormous Lake Argyle really is. Those 70km x 30km stats become real once you get on the water.

And it’s so peaceful! On a calm day, the surface of the water is like glass.

Floating amongst the ranges, Lake Argyle Cruises.
Floating amongst the ranges on a super-smooth lake.

Lake Argyle has dozens of small islands, formed when the area was flooded. Our trusty captain steered us around the edges of some of these islands and pointed out wildlife.

Such awesome scenery. Lake Argyle Cruises.
Lake Argyle is dotted with dozens of small islands.

Teeming With Wildlife

Freshwater crocodiles dominate, hanging out on what seemed like every shoreline. With estimates of over 25,000 of these living in the lake, it’s hardly surprising.

Freshwater crocodile, Lake Argyle Cruises.
Just one of thousands of freshies on the shoreline.

Tiny short eared rock wallabies, euros that have adapted to eating the plants washed up on the shoreline, a nesting jabiru, every species of bird imaginable and zillions of fish. In fact, almost one third of Australia’s bird species call Lake Argyle home. No wonder Lake Argyle is a RAMSAR Wetland of International Significance.

Short eared rock wallaby, Lake Argyle Cruises.
See if you can spot the short eared rock wallaby. They look more like squirrels!
A jabiru nesting among the rocks. Lake Argyle Cruises.
A jabiru nesting on top of a rock outcrop.

This place is paradise if you like fishing. It’s teeming with over 15 species of freshwater fish. This is why the freshwater crocs look so content…

The lake is teeming with fish, Lake Argyle Cruises.
The lake is teeming with fish.

Speaking of fish, there are 7 commercial fishing licences, but only one was operating when we were there. Len was telling us about the bloke who has the fishing licence. Originally a whaler from Albany, he had never had any mishaps on the water until Lake Argyle.

This bloke was fishing in the dry season, so the lake was quite low. He hit a submerged rock, the boat sank and he swam to an island. He was marooned on the island for 3 days until finally rescued.

When you look at the surrounded terrain, it’s easy to imagine how many rocky outcrops must be lurking just below the surface

Swimming In The Lake

As dusk approached, our fearless captain shut the motor off and we glided silently for a while… one of those times when everyone stops talking and takes in the atmosphere.

The Carr Boyd Ranges in the distance, Lake Argyle Cruises.
The Carr Boyd Ranges in the distance.
Sun setting on the mountains. Lake Argyle Cruises.
Sun setting on the mountains

We glided to a stop and watched the sun set over the ranges. With drinks and nibblies supplied by Lake Argyle Cruises and the opportunity to jump in the water and float around on the lake, life really couldn’t get much better!

Of course, the kids dived in and spent ages just floating around in the warm waters of Lake Argyle.

The kids swimming in the lake at sunset. Lake Argyle Cruises.
Life really is tough!
Floating on the lake at sunset. Lake Argyle Cruises.
The kids floating on the lake at sunset. So serene.

We had been spoiled with endless magnificent sunsets on our travels, but this one was a stand-out. Incredible shades of red, purple and pink reflected off the glassy lake and left everyone in awe of the beauty of this place.

Sunset on the lake. Lake Argyle Cruises.
Sunset on the lake.
Extraordinary sunset colours reflecting off the water. Lake Argyle Cruises.
Extraordinary sunset colours reflecting off the water.

It really is surreal on Lake Argyle. After driving across the Gibb River Road and observing the endless ancient mountains, it feels strange to be actually floating amongst them. It almost feels like you’re flying.

Thanks again to Lake Argyle Cruises for an unforgettable experience and to Len for organising it. We’ll be back soon… Lake Argyle gets under your skin and draws you back.

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Next time: A compilation of Charlie’s awesome photos around and on Lake Argyle.

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