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Kayaking The Murray River

Murray River National Park, Katarapko Section, South Australia

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No doubt, reclining in your camp chair and watching the Murray River drift lazily past is a good way to pass the time.

Kayaking The Murray River. Our campsite on the banks of the Murray River.
Our campsite on the banks of the Murray River.

Even better though, is to get on the river and explore. The idea of kayaking on the Murray River was too tempting to resist! We had always wanted to. And now we have an inflatable kayak, we can!

So we inflated our kayak and hit the water.

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An Easy Paddle

After a cold night, the day turned into one of those beautiful autumn days… sunny, just the hint of a breeze and warm. We set off mid-morning and headed upriver. Kayaking the Murray River upstream is hardly a feat of endurance mind you. With a really lazy flow, we had no trouble paddling against the current.

Kayaking The Murray River. Watch out for the dead trees in the water.
Keep a close eye on the dead trees in the river. The submerged branches are hard to spot.

The majestic river red gums were watching over us as we meandered along. A few kangaroos were down on the water’s edge having a drink and the occasional water bird glided overhead.

Kayaking The Murray River. Old river red gums line the banks.
Old river red gums line the banks.

A perfect way to start the day!

This is an easy paddle. And we never tire of the view from the water. It gives you a different perspective, another way to see places like Murray River National Park from a different angle. 

Creatures like kangaroos and emus don’t feel threatened when we glide past in our inflatable kayak. They just keep doing whatever it was they were doing. So we get to see them going about their daily business.

Taking It Easy

After half an hour or so, we turned around and let the slow current guide us back to our campsite. This is the best part… cruising down the river at a pace decided by the river. It’s such a relaxing way to while away an hour or so.

Kayaking The Murray River. Drifting downstream with the current.
Letting the current take us back downstream to our camp.

After getting back to our campsite, we decided we’d earned the right to sink into our camp chairs and watch the world go by. A fantastic start to another great day!

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The Katarapko Creek section of Murray River National Park is on Erwirung Country.

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