How much is comprehensive insurance for the truck?

Comprehensive insurance for Isuzu NPS and Wedgetail Camper.
A motorhome? Yes and no…


Please forgive the directness of this question but can you let me know, in ‘ballpark’ figures, how much comprehensive insurance is for your truck?


Comprehensive insurance for the Isuzu NPS was just on $1,800 including GST. It’s insured with NRMA, under our business name.

Business insurance is always more expensive than if you’re insuring as an individual. And of course, it depends which state you live in.

The Wedgetail Camper is in our private names. However…

If the truck and camper were both in our private names we could insure the combined unit as a motorhome, believe it or not! Apparently insurance for motorhomes is way cheaper than normal. However…

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My wife Peta was recently speaking to an insurance company representative. This company specialises in 4WD vehicles. Their advice was interesting.

If we removed the camper from the vehicle, then it is no longer considered to be a motorhome. The truck is still insured, however the Wedgetail Camper is not. Since the camper is a slide-on, this is clearly an issue!

I know there are companies who will insure your vehicle and camper as a motorhome, if it is owned privately. However, check if your camper is still insured when removed from the vehicle before you sign up.

Hope this helps!



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