Have you modified the air cleaner housing to stop water ingress?


I noticed you have done some river crossings that were above your air cleaner housing. Have you modified the housing to stop water ingress?


No I haven’t modified the air cleaner housing on the Isuzu NPS. The river crossing in the above video was quite deep and yes, the housing was partially submerged.

The truck has a raised breather kit for the diffs, gearbox, transfer case and fuel tanks. So the air cleaner is the lowest point on the truck when you’re considering wading depth.

Air Cleaner Housing on Isuzu NPS
The air cleaner housing sits quite low. However, it is well sealed.

Before crossing the creek shown in the video, I was confident it would be okay. I had previously checked out the air cleaner housing for sealing. My only concern was with the drain valve on the underside.

This drain allows dirt and other particles to escape from the housing. It’s a soft, flexible rubber boot. A slight vacuum inside the air cleaner housing keeps this drain closed, with engine pulsations causing it to periodically open and close. This allows the dirt particles to escape from the housing.

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Drain valve on Isuzu NPS Air Cleaner Housing.
This drain valve is the only potential place where water could enter. It is easy to cover for a water crossing. (No, that’s not a crack. It’s just grease).

So I stopped straight after that crossing, took the cover off and double-checked the inside of the housing. It was fine, with no water inside at all.

Of course, smarter idea would be to cover the drain valve before attempting a water crossing… just in case.

Hope this helps!



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