Fitting Our Wedgetail Slide On Camper Onto Our Truck

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One of the obvious benefits of a slide on camper is being able to remove it from your vehicle.

We’ve had our Wedgetail Camper for nearly 3 years now. We’ve lost count of the number of times it’s been on and off the tray of our Isuzu NPS.

How easy is it to fit back onto the tray and how long does it take?

Wedgetail slide on camper free-standing on its legs.
With its four solid legs, our slide on camper is really sturdy when free-standing.

Fitting The Camper Back On

Taking the camper off is a simple process. It just takes a bit of time. We’ll go into this another time. This time, we’ll go through the process of fitting the camper back onto the tray.

Re-fitting the Wedgetail takes a bit longer, but it’s really easy. You just have to take your time. Each leg has 3 pieces and 2 pins, plus each side has a diagonal spreader bar.

One thing to note. We have manual legs for our slide on. Wedgetail supply electric legs as an option, however we figured they were just another potential electrical problem. So we decided to go with the manual legs.

When packed away, they live on the floor underneath the kitchen. They only fit in one way, so make sure you take a few photos before you take everything out!

The legs pack away under the fridge.
The legs and foot pads only fit in one way. Don’t get it wrong or you’ll be in all sorts of trouble!

Once you’ve wound up the camper, you back the truck under. It’s pretty important to line it up as you reverse in because the legs are fairly close to either side of the truck.

Note: This was filmed using a Go Pro Hero Black. Camera House have a large range of GoPro cameras and accessories.

How Long Does It Take?

From start to finish, about 45 minutes. You might think this is a long time, but it doesn’t bother us. Everything’s a compromise in the world of camping.

We’re prepared to spend a bit more time for the sake of stability. You see, our slide on camper is rock-solid when on its legs. You might think it would wobble all over the place, but it doesn’t at all.

And we’ve had our Wedgie on its legs when we’ve been hammered by massive wind gusts, with no issues at all.


Fitting our Wedgetail Camper back onto our truck is a piece of cake. It’s not something we do every day of course, so the time it takes isn’t a problem.

We’re more than happy for the process to take a bit longer if it means our slide on is stable and solid when free-standing on its legs.

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